Fury in Osar

Robbing the Granary

Flour Power

After meeting with Lanzo and Linza, the leaders of an underground movement to resist and reform the oppressive regime of Osar, our heroes gained enough of trust to be given a mission: infiltrating a nearby Granary and stealing supplies for the starving poor. They were also each given a single Shadow Stone, one of the homebrewed magical devices used by the resistance members to move through the town undetected (each contains a single charge of the spell “Shadow”).

The group approached the Granary by canalboat. Eddain slipped off early to distract some of the guards patrolling the outside of the building, while the rest of the crew moored the boat and slipped through a sewer tunnel underneath it.

While pretending to be a common street-bard, Eddain was able to charm two of the guards on patrol, using her pet monkey to give one Orc a cookie laced with sleeping potion, and causing a human guard to develop a near-obsessive interest in her well-being, eventually leading him away from his post.

Under the building, the rest of the party climbed to a sewer grate in the middle of the warehouse floor, where they found 4 members of the City Guard playing cards. Batty removed the grate and, before any of the guards had a time to react or sound the alarm bell, Badger used her Mage Hand to loosen a massive net holding bags of flour above the floor. In an explosion of fine white flour the blew out the windows on the first floor of the Granary, the guards were instantly crushed & incapacitated.

Roi quickly cased the joint and was able to dispatch an unseen 5th guard and retrieve a Warehouse Key from him. Roi also checked to see if the guards had been killed (Lanzo and Linza had specifically instructed you not to kill guards – death of town guards is often “revisited tenfold” on the poor of the city as retribution). All were merely unconscious but one, who caught a brief glimpse of Roi’s face before being knocked out.

Our heroes retrieved their sack of grains each, and absconded relatively undetected into the night, canalboating back to the Skitts, their value to the resistance now proven…


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