Fury in Osar

Arriving in Osar

many meetings

Our heroes come to on the sunny banks of a river, a cool breeze blows over them and swishes the autumnal foliage hanging overhead…

A friendly voice calls down to them.

Oleg – Jolly old merchant led you into town and warned of some growing tensions. He then sent you to the notable travelers inn called The Mead Maid (he himself drinks at a nearby bar for old timer well-to-do merchants called McDjornersen’s)

At the Mead Maid:
Two Half Elf Librarians (yet unnamed) – invite Roi to stop by the Archive of Faxis. They may have research & collection related tasks for him, as well as more information on Abelard, the new Royal Librarian who apparently has managed to gain a lot of influence with the King.

High Priest Odo, of the Temple of Air – a shrewd but seemingly very pious Priest who has earned the trust and wardship of our new half-orc friend Camshaft by showing her kindness and direction in her new, alien surroundings. He seeks the party’s aid in ahem convincing…a certain debauched Nobleman he is wrong to want to curb the power and influence of the Temple. He can be found at Osar’s Great Sky Temple.

Linhart, the fish monger – weaves a salty tale about how the growing tax burden on the poor and merchant class has pushed local sailors to expand their fishing grounds into previously un-sailed waters, resulting in mysterious disturbances from what Linhart can only surmise are the Merfolk, once-known to the people of Osar, but not heard from in many generations. Ironically, though the crown is reaching deeper into its citizen’s pockets than ever, it is still barely able to fund its military force, and has been unable or unwilling to support its merchant fleet. Linhart would look to anyone for aid, and can be found in the Fishmonger Guild’s office in the Osar Merchant’s Guild Hall.

Batty, the Dragonborn Sorcerer – after Eddain made her magic use known to him, a sleepy but keen sorcerer named Batty began to fraternize with the group. Batty had heard rumors about widespread use of amateur magic by otherwise mundane commoners in the city. He is equal part amused and concerned by the notion of commoners utilizing magics perhaps beyond their control, and hoped to investigating while traveling through Osar.

Having heard continuously that Hrothgar’s in the Skitts was the place to go for a…seedier…clientele, the party headed down there.

At Hrothgar’s, we met:

Round Table explaining the political intransigence. – Even as they tax the commoners into destitution, the crown seems to be nearing bankruptcy as the vast wealth of the nation is wrapped up in the EARTH, who pay no taxes. The necessary reforms needed in the tax structure—agreed on by virtually all— are almost impossible to implement because new taxes require a calling of a Conclave of the Stations, which hasn’t occurred in almost 200 years…

Local Drunks: Camshaft talks to a group of drunk commoners telling rumors of a Cursed Block in the Skitts. Apparently the residents had contracted a Warlock to help them turn their money invisible to hide it from tax collectors. But the spell spread and started causing all sorts of bizarre problems for the residents, and now the Warlock is nowhere to be found…

Finally, in the back room…

A group of Political Agitators – 6 individuals, including two charasmatic human siblings, discuss methods for aiding the poor and resisting political oppression. Hesitant to trust their motives, the agitators ask our heroes to steal some supplies of grain from local warehouses to prove their trust and devotion to the cause.


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