Fury in Osar

Avoided Execution
Loosing the nooses

After proving your worth to the Reformers, they let you in on their most pressing task. The Conclave of Earth, an assembly of the realms nobles, has been called with the goal of resolving Faxis’ financial woes. The Reformers believe that, if left to their own devices, the Nobles will move to consolidate their privileges, extract ever more taxes from the merchants and poor, and merely prolong the inevitable collapse of the Kingdom for another decade. The Reformers have come to believe that the only choice is to disrupt the Conclave and force King Vasselus to call a Session of Stations – a meeting of all social orders – to register his new taxes.

You also meet:
Fulco – Wine Merchant, keen on merchant friendly reforms, his skills of Oration are renowned.

Gaustlmann – Printer, knows everything about everyone, and will print whatever he can to move papers, including making and/or destroying reputations

Martes – Born and raised in the Skitts, Martes scraped hard and rose to become a prominent lawyer, now widely considered the legitimate Vox Populi of the Skitts

During a lengthy brainstorm, a plan was hatched to simultaneously infiltrate the conclave from within and without. The plan:

  • Eddain, Roi, Badger, Justice and Camshaft plan to assume identities of Nobles and their entourages to gain access to the meeting.
  • Eddain will charm Archduke Randall, a prominent noble with liberal sympathies, and convince him to concede his opening speech to Count Altmühl, the most viciously conservative noble in session.
  • Justice will then use Zone of Truth to hopefully get this man to weigh inflamatory invective against his class enemies.
  • Hoping the crowd will be riled, the rest of the party will then physically disrupt the ceremony, forcing the nobles to flee outside
  • …Where Martes will hopefully be waiting with an angry mob of angry poor, inciting a riot and achieving the goal of temporary political intransience.

BUT FIRST, Martes needs to rally a mob in his favor. So, the party takes a short rest and sets off with Martes to stop a public execution and hopefully earn the favor of the crowd of impoverished onlookers.

As the adventurers approach the execution square, a Royal Official reads the charges against three criminals as an executioner awaits to pull the lever on their trapdoors.

As an impulse, Roi makes a wild crossbow shot from the crowd. Going, wide, his bolt TWANG hits the tops of one of the gallows, startling everyone. Immediately, the Executioner pulls the first lever, dropping a prisoner to his demise.

Responding instinctively to the bolt, Camshaft launches her javelin, but in a panic sends it flying over the entire square, impaling an observer clear across the square…and into the chest of a civilian directly next to Badger.

Badger, sensing the impending discord, bounds to the back center of the square, unleashes a TREMENDOUS Cone of Fear into the gathered crowd, causing several guards to flee and a near riot to break out as the onlookers begin to stampede.

Through this chaos, Roi took another shot, this time aiming for the Royal Official who had been reading the sentences of the condemned. As this weasel fled for reinforcements, he was felled by Roi’s exceptionally accurate crossbow bolt, and finished off by Badger with her rarely-used but nonetheless deadly quarterstaff.

Meanwhile, Justice casually reached out of the crowd and put one of the remaining guards into a headlock, and eventually beating him into submission. Sensing they were losing the crowd to panic, Camshaft and Eddain climbed onto the scaffold where, in an epic speech, Eddain’s bardic charisma rallied the remaining citizens to the Revolutionary cause while she and Camshaft simultaneously subdued the remaining city guard.

Eddain passed the riled crowd on to Martes for further instruction, then the whole gang retreated to Hrothgar’s for a celebratory pull from the ol’ Ale tube.

At Hrothgar’s, Hr. Fulco finds you and recommends you keep a low profile, you’ll have increasing notoriety after today’s stunt. He escorts you to the Osar Guildhalle, where you encounter the ratlike Hr. Gaustlmann (who provides you each a smokebomb) and prepare for infiltrating that evening’s Conclave.

We end with the adventurers in Hair and Makeup for their big show…

Robbing the Granary
Flour Power

After meeting with Lanzo and Linza, the leaders of an underground movement to resist and reform the oppressive regime of Osar, our heroes gained enough of trust to be given a mission: infiltrating a nearby Granary and stealing supplies for the starving poor. They were also each given a single Shadow Stone, one of the homebrewed magical devices used by the resistance members to move through the town undetected (each contains a single charge of the spell “Shadow”).

The group approached the Granary by canalboat. Eddain slipped off early to distract some of the guards patrolling the outside of the building, while the rest of the crew moored the boat and slipped through a sewer tunnel underneath it.

While pretending to be a common street-bard, Eddain was able to charm two of the guards on patrol, using her pet monkey to give one Orc a cookie laced with sleeping potion, and causing a human guard to develop a near-obsessive interest in her well-being, eventually leading him away from his post.

Under the building, the rest of the party climbed to a sewer grate in the middle of the warehouse floor, where they found 4 members of the City Guard playing cards. Batty removed the grate and, before any of the guards had a time to react or sound the alarm bell, Badger used her Mage Hand to loosen a massive net holding bags of flour above the floor. In an explosion of fine white flour the blew out the windows on the first floor of the Granary, the guards were instantly crushed & incapacitated.

Roi quickly cased the joint and was able to dispatch an unseen 5th guard and retrieve a Warehouse Key from him. Roi also checked to see if the guards had been killed (Lanzo and Linza had specifically instructed you not to kill guards – death of town guards is often “revisited tenfold” on the poor of the city as retribution). All were merely unconscious but one, who caught a brief glimpse of Roi’s face before being knocked out.

Our heroes retrieved their sack of grains each, and absconded relatively undetected into the night, canalboating back to the Skitts, their value to the resistance now proven…

Arriving in Osar
many meetings

Our heroes come to on the sunny banks of a river, a cool breeze blows over them and swishes the autumnal foliage hanging overhead…

A friendly voice calls down to them.

Oleg – Jolly old merchant led you into town and warned of some growing tensions. He then sent you to the notable travelers inn called The Mead Maid (he himself drinks at a nearby bar for old timer well-to-do merchants called McDjornersen’s)

At the Mead Maid:
Two Half Elf Librarians (yet unnamed) – invite Roi to stop by the Archive of Faxis. They may have research & collection related tasks for him, as well as more information on Abelard, the new Royal Librarian who apparently has managed to gain a lot of influence with the King.

High Priest Odo, of the Temple of Air – a shrewd but seemingly very pious Priest who has earned the trust and wardship of our new half-orc friend Camshaft by showing her kindness and direction in her new, alien surroundings. He seeks the party’s aid in ahem convincing…a certain debauched Nobleman he is wrong to want to curb the power and influence of the Temple. He can be found at Osar’s Great Sky Temple.

Linhart, the fish monger – weaves a salty tale about how the growing tax burden on the poor and merchant class has pushed local sailors to expand their fishing grounds into previously un-sailed waters, resulting in mysterious disturbances from what Linhart can only surmise are the Merfolk, once-known to the people of Osar, but not heard from in many generations. Ironically, though the crown is reaching deeper into its citizen’s pockets than ever, it is still barely able to fund its military force, and has been unable or unwilling to support its merchant fleet. Linhart would look to anyone for aid, and can be found in the Fishmonger Guild’s office in the Osar Merchant’s Guild Hall.

Batty, the Dragonborn Sorcerer – after Eddain made her magic use known to him, a sleepy but keen sorcerer named Batty began to fraternize with the group. Batty had heard rumors about widespread use of amateur magic by otherwise mundane commoners in the city. He is equal part amused and concerned by the notion of commoners utilizing magics perhaps beyond their control, and hoped to investigating while traveling through Osar.

Having heard continuously that Hrothgar’s in the Skitts was the place to go for a…seedier…clientele, the party headed down there.

At Hrothgar’s, we met:

Round Table explaining the political intransigence. – Even as they tax the commoners into destitution, the crown seems to be nearing bankruptcy as the vast wealth of the nation is wrapped up in the EARTH, who pay no taxes. The necessary reforms needed in the tax structure—agreed on by virtually all— are almost impossible to implement because new taxes require a calling of a Conclave of the Stations, which hasn’t occurred in almost 200 years…

Local Drunks: Camshaft talks to a group of drunk commoners telling rumors of a Cursed Block in the Skitts. Apparently the residents had contracted a Warlock to help them turn their money invisible to hide it from tax collectors. But the spell spread and started causing all sorts of bizarre problems for the residents, and now the Warlock is nowhere to be found…

Finally, in the back room…

A group of Political Agitators – 6 individuals, including two charasmatic human siblings, discuss methods for aiding the poor and resisting political oppression. Hesitant to trust their motives, the agitators ask our heroes to steal some supplies of grain from local warehouses to prove their trust and devotion to the cause.

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